Clothes Recycling

Help the environment by clothes recycling for cash or donate to charityHow many clothes do you throw away each year? How many are sitting in your cupboard without being used for a good while, right now? I am willing to wager it is a rather hefty amount. Sadly, the majority of people have yet to open up their eyes to the benefit of recycling unwanted clothing. Hopefully this page will give you a nudge in the right direction and hopefully convince you that recycling your clothing, unused clothing at least, is one of the best things you can possibly do.

Help Yourself Out

Clothing creates clutter. In fact; you would be surprised at just how much space your unused shoes and clothes are taking up in your home. If you go down the route of recycling then you will be able to clean them out completely. This will leave you with a whole lot more space. Obviously; if you clean out your unused clothes then you have more space for new ones (although do not keep falling into the same trap!). There are plenty of people out there who recycle regularly in order to ensure that they keep their whole wardrobe up to date. How fantastic is that?

Help Others Who Are Less Fortunate Than You

One of the most important reasons to recycle unwanted clothes is to help other people. There are so many people out there who do not seem to realize how lucky we are to be able to purchase clothes whenever we want. Other people around the globe (and sometimes in your local area) are not in the same boat. In fact; they are in an absolutely horrendous position.

When you donate or sell your clothes for cash it is likely that some of them will end up in the hands of people who need them the most. Obviously this depends on where you donate them to, so do make sure you choose the donation place carefully (some people will sell your clothes for the sake of lining their own pockets). Obviously the main benefit of recycling clothes this way is the fact that you can feel confident knowing that you have done a massive service to somebody out there and our recycling company is proud to be part of this process. You can feel confident knowing that there is somebody who is actually getting benefit from the clothes that you would have otherwise thrown away. If you really want to do your part for charity this year then I really can’t think of a better method than this (alongside a few others at least, but if you are cleaning out your clothes anyway then you may as well give it a go, it is highly beneficial to people!)

Remember; you can sell for cash or donate any clothes that you want. People who are in genuine need of them are not fussy. Obviously winter clothes would not go amiss, and people have a genuine need for shoes from time to time. You will find that charities and cash for clothes shops are always more than happy to take these both off your hands no matter what time of the year it is.

Stop the Landfills Being Filled Up

Textile recycling lead to reduction in wastageAs you may have seen on the news; landfills are become filled up…rather quickly too. At the moment governments around the globe are struggling to find locations to actually put waste. Obviously they can’t put these landfill sites close to populated areas (people would complain…a lot). This means that the only option that we really have is to significantly reduce the amount of waste that we are disposing of. If we do not reduce the amount of waste that we are creating then it is going to cause problems for the future. Remember; the majority of clothing items out there are not biodegradable. This means that they will be causing havoc on the planet for many years to come!

We do not want to stick items in landfills if we can help it anyway…even if we had tons of space at our disposal. This is because dumping clothes in landfill sites will significantly contribute to pollution levels (part of the problem of global warming is caused by gases created from landfill sites). In addition to this; landfill sites tend to leak chemicals and the like into the surrounding area. This can completely destroy the eco system. Clothes are notorious for this simply because many of them have been created using dyes and the like which can be deadly to animals. Again; most of this damage is going to occur long into the future.

So; what if we ended up getting rid of landfills altogether? Well; the clothing items would have to be burned instead. This is again going to contribute towards global warming as the burning of the clothes (and of other waste) will let off toxic smoke which will help contribute to the size of the hole in the ozone layer.

Obviously there are some items which can’t be recycled properly. These are going to have to stay in the landfill sadly. If we can make a small change however by opting to recycle clothing then this is something which absolutely must be done. More often than not it is the smallest changes which end up making the biggest difference.

Pollution in the Creation of Clothes

Remember; we do not just have to worry about the pollution caused when we finally end up disposing of the clothing items. We also have to worry about the pollution caused when new clothing is created. Remember; a lot of energy is needed to produce clothing. Many people will be surprised at just how much the clothing industry ends up polluting this planet. You have to process the raw materials, make them into the item of clothing, and then transport around the world. It is unlikely that the clothing industry will ever die out (we all need clothes after all) however we can cut back on the amount of pollution that it causes by at least making the effort to recycle some of the clothes that we have.

Reduces The Need for Raw Materials

You will be surprised at just how much the clothing industry destroys the environment in its quest to obtain raw materials. Remember; cloth does not come out of nowhere. In some cases the raw materials need to be grown. Quite often growing some of the materials needed for the production of clothing is far more profitable than any other crop. This means that many areas have large crop farms for this instead of food production farms. This is absolutely awful. As mentioned previously; these large areas are also going to require a lot of effort to maintain. This is again going to cause pollution.

Obviously recycling, whether you are recycling clothes or something else, will trim down the reliance on the production of raw materials. This means that the locations that produce the materials will need to turn their attention to other ventures which may end up being a bit more beneficial to the world. Remember; quite often the plants and farms which are needed to produce these materials will involve the removal of forests and other beautiful areas. Don’t get me wrong; it is not just the clothing industry which is contributing towards this, but it is doing a pretty good job and it is something which is going to need to be changed in the near future!

Clothes Recycling Creates Jobs

When you recycle clothing you will feel great knowing that you have done your part for the creation of jobs in the area. Remember; quite often sorting through the clothing that is recycled takes a lot of effort. In addition to this all of it needs to be cleaned. Sure; some of the clothing, particularly if you donate to charity, will be dealt with by volunteers, but there will still be a few businesses in the local area who will be called upon to help. This may include the cleaning of items or the transportation of it. In short; when you recycle clothing you will be contributing towards the development of the economy in the local area!

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