How to Recycle Clothing

Two main options you can go about how to recycle clothingIt is all well and good talking about the benefits of recycling clothing, but how do you actually go about doing it? How to recycle any unwanted clothing? Thankfully this is actually easier than ever before! The majority of towns and cities nowadays will have a plethora of different ‘cash for clothes’ or ‘drop off’ points for items that you no longer need. What happens to the clothing will often be detailed on the ‘drop off’ box. For example; some clothing will be distributed to those without it, and some will head to charity shops where it will be sold off with the intention of the cash being used to fund the efforts of the charity. Make sure you put the clothing in the right box!

If you do not have a drop off box in your local area, or perhaps wish for a tad more control over the final destination of the unwanted clothes, or want to make some cash out of items you no longer need then it may be wise to head to your local cash for clothes centre where you get paid per kilogram of unwanted clothing. The majority of them will be willing to take the clothes off your hands and pay on the spot.

Whatever route you go down; it is important that you ensure that the clothes are very clean (and not damaged) when you hand them in. This is especially important if you are going to be handing the clothes in directly to a cash for clothes or charity shop simply because it is unlikely that they will have the facilities on site to clean the clothes for you.

In fact; I know of a good few charity shops out there which will turn away clothing which is not in perfect condition. This is not because they are ungrateful by any stretch of the imagination. It is simply down to the fact that they can’t sell clothing which is dirty and tattered. Not only would nobody want it, but dirty and tattered clothing tends to harbour all sorts of bacteria and viruses. If they sell it on then there is a fairly good chance that the receiver will end up getting sick. This is not what you want, right? Most of the time when you drop the clothes off in one of the ‘drop off’ points it is likely that the clothing will be completely cleaned before distribution. I do however suggest that you take the time to clean the clothing and make sure it is perfect beforehand. It is only fair, right? It honestly won’t take that much extra effort on your part.

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