Why is Recycling Important?

Let me run you through a few of the benefits that you can look forward to if you turn your mind to recycling as much as possible.

Recycling Reduces The Need For Raw Materials in Production of Products

Why is recycling important?As you may know; the world is being completely ravished by human’s need for raw materials.

Forests are being destroyed in the pursuit of wood, the earth being damaged by our pursuit for metals and other materials found ‘underground’, and the seas and nature being ruined by our pursuit for oil. This is not just a minor impact that we are having either. It is an absolutely huge impact that it is going to rock the world for many years to come.

Lower Impact on Climate Change

Climate change, despite what some people may have you believe, is a rather sad reality. Temperatures around the world are rising slowly due to our carbon emissions. This is causing the polar icecaps to melt, which in turn causes sea levels to rise, and ultimately causes a number of other problems. Climate change is mostly down to industrialization. This basically means the way in which we turn raw materials into a full product. This includes not only the manufacturing process but the distribution of the materials and the final product. Climate change shows no sign of slowing down either. In fact; it is speeding up. If things continue how they are, the world is going to be an incredibly different place in a few decades.

Recycling Saves Money

If you are a consumer this is probably not going to matter too much to you. It does matter to businesses though. You see; it is actually far cheaper to recycle products than it is to toss them into a landfill or incinerate them. Quite often this means that savings will be passed onto the end consumer. This does not always happen obviously, but it might. I think the main benefit for consumers is the fact that fewer taxes will be spent on the management of waste disposal sites (if they are government controlled in the area that you live). This will obviously not lead to a reduction in taxes but it will lead the government to have more money at their disposal to spend on slightly more beneficial things for the community.

The Landfills are Filling Up…Fast

Benefits of recycling: free up the landfillsSecondHandClothes.org wants to bring you back to the idea of planet destruction for this point. As you may know; the items that you throw away in your household do not ‘magically’ disappear. They have to go somewhere. Most of the time this means that your household rubbish will end up being buried in a ground. The area which they are buried is known as a ‘landfill’.

Landfills are absolutely huge (they smell a considerable amount too). The problem is that these landfills are filling up incredibly fast. In fact; it is likely that we will run out of landfill space within the next few decades. If we run out of landfill space then we will have nowhere to put our waste (remember; there are only a few locations where waste can actually go. Nobody wants to live near a landfill after all). This is obviously going to cause major problems. The impact that it will end up having on the environment is not yet known. I do not expect it to be pretty though.

This is not the only problem with landfills filling up either. Landfills cause problems even when they are not full. They cause an incredible amount of pollution. Most of the waste that we bury, plastic in particular, will not break down and decompose. This means that it could be hanging around for thousands upon thousands of years. The items that are buried in landfills will begin to leak pollution into the surrounding environment. This will end up causing the death of many animals. In some cases it could even result in polluted water supplies. Neither are good situations. This is why we need to start turning away from the idea of landfills. They cause far more hassle than they are actually worth.

Recycling Generates Cash for Local Authority

Most ‘recycling stations’ in your local city will be controlled by the government, or at least subsidiaries of the government.  This means that it will be the responsibility of your local waste collection agency to collect this recycling. Obviously the main benefit for the government is that recycling will bring down the level of pollution. This is not the only reason why they will be collecting your recycling though. You see; recycling helps to generate money. The materials that they end up collecting from homeowners will be sold onto companies that require these products as raw materials. The government will get money for doing this. Recycling will therefore help to ensure that tax levels are kept low and that there is some spare cash to pump into the community. There are many cities around the world which are at least partially funded by recycling.

Recycling Creates Jobs

Recycling is a lot more labour-intensive than throwing items into a landfill. So much goes into recycling. Not only do you have to employ somebody to collect the recycling, but you also need somebody to sort through the items, and you need people to sell the collected items on, and you will even need people to process the recycled goods at the end of everything. This is absolutely brilliant considering the vast majority of countries worldwide, even the largest of them, seem to be going through a bit of a job crisis at the moment. It is believed that every tonne of recycled items will create at least 5 jobs. This is an absolutely huge amount. If everybody got into recycling imagine how much easier the job situation would be.

Helps Less-Fortunate People

There are some people out there who need items that we take for granted in our daily lives. This includes shoes, clothes, and even basic electronics and toys. Clothes recycling will help to put these items in these people’s hands. Why throw away items when somebody else out there is going to get some benefit from them? Those that recycle can feel great knowing that they are helping somebody out! I am sure you will be able to find plenty of locations around your local area where you are able to get rid of items like this. You may even find places online that are willing to take these products off your hands.

Sustainable Living

One of the things that I absolutely love about the idea of recycling is the fact that it starts to introduce people to the idea of sustainable living. It is no secret that the way in which our day to day lives needs to change if we want to preserve the beauty of this planet and ensure that it is a fantastic place to live for our descendants. Recycling is only going to take us a little bit of the way towards this goal. Recycling is a brilliant introduction for people. Many people who start recycling and notice the positive impact that their actions are having on the environment tend to start looking into other ways in which they can be a bit more ‘green’. This leads to even greater benefits to the environment. Why not start recycling today? I am sure that before you know it you will end up changing your live drastically (for the better of course!)