Additional Services in Clothing Store

Additional services in clothing storeWhen you run a clothing store, the majority of your income is, obviously, going to come from the clothes. However, the clothing industry, as you well know, is remarkably competitive. This means that the profit is not going to be all that high. If you wish to make some extra income then you need to look into offering additional services in your store. On this page, I am going to take a little look at some of them.

So, why should you offer additional services? Well, the main reason is so that you can bring in a little bit of extra income from your customers. Every single penny, particularly in a competitive industry like this, is going to be worth it. However, you will also wish to offer these additional services as a way to bring clients through the door. Offering these services, on site, will show that you are the company to go to. It will make you stand out from the crowd and ensure that you take money and not your competitions.

There are three main services which I really do suggest you add to your store if possible:

  • Ironing. This is not something that we see all that often in clothing stores at the moment. Most people have an iron at home, right? Well, there are a lot of people out there who want to look their best when they head out and they would love to have their clothing professionally ironed. In addition to this, there are a number of people who will not have time to iron all of their clothing. You can do it for them. People are willing to pay a rather hefty fee for that too.
  • Dry cleaning is a big one, particularly if you sell high class clothing. When people spend a lot on their clothes, they tend not to want to wash it themselves. After all, the last thing they want to do is end up ruining it. This is where you come in. You can dry clean their clothes for them. The great thing is, getting started in dry cleaning is not all that expensive, and once you get known for offering a brilliant service, people will end up coming to visit you and they will spend their cash on dry cleaning. This is a decent amount of profit.
  • You may also want to look into on-site alteration services. Most clothes will not fit perfectly. People want their clothes to fit perfectly. You can offer this service on-site. People will bring in their clothes and you alter to suit.

I am not going to give you advice on how to price these services. This is, obviously, going to be pretty market dependent. Suffice to say though, if you work incredibly hard at offering high quality services then people are likely to spend a rather hefty sum of cash on it. You will make a lot of money if you end up doing things properly. Trust me on that one.

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