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Low priced wholesale vintage clothing directly from the UKIf you are after wholesale vintage clothing, you have stumbled across the right website.

We know just how difficult it can be for a small business to source vintage clothing nowadays. Over the years, supply of vintage clothing has dwindled drastically. Unless you have been in the industry for a while, it is unlikely that you will have the contacts required to ensure that you have a stead steam of vintage clothing coming your way. If you don’t have vintage clothing in stock, it can have a huge impact on your business. We want to help you out.


As a company, we have worked incredibly hard when it comes to building up our vintage clothing contacts. We have been in the business for a fair while now. This means that we have absolutely no issue when it comes to sourcing fine vintage clothing for the small and large businesses that we deal with us. If you are after wholesale vintage clothing, we are the right choice. We can be your single point of contact and supply you with all of the vintage clothing that you need for your retail or online store.

Competitive Pricing

One of the strengths of our wholesale vintage clothing company is the fact that we are able to offer our clothing at nigh-on unbeatable prices. In fact, our prices are quite often superior to many of the larger wholesale vintage clothing companies operating in the country. This ensures that each and every store, no matter the size, will be able to purchase clothing from us.

Hand-picked Quality

Don’t worry about the quality of clothing that will come your way either. We know that there are many wholesale vintage clothing companies out there who will sell you some of the worst junk imaginable, often at inflated prices. Rest assured, we are not like that. Each and every piece of clothing that we ship out the suppliers that we work with has been hand-picked by us for its quality. When you work with us, you can be sure that you are going to have high-quality clothing, ready for sale, land on your doorstep. We pride ourselves on this. We do not like to send poor quality wholesale vintage clothing out. It is just not our style.

The quality of the clothing that we send out ensures that you are able to command the highest price possible for it. Remember, we also charge low prices for the products that we stock, which helps to ensure that the amount of profit that you can make from the wholesale vintage clothing that we stock is kept to the absolute maximum.

You Can Choose the Clothing YOU Want

We also know that if you wish to work with a wholesale vintage clothing company, it is likely that you will want at least some degree of control over the type of clothing that you can purchase. There are many wholesale vintage clothing companies out there who will sell their items ‘by the weight’ i.e. you can expect a lump of clothing, bagged up, most likely not inspected for quality, to land on your doorstep. Again, we are not like this. When you work with us, you will have the ability to choose the clothing that you wish to purchase. After all, what is the point in order a plethora of clothing in if it is unlikely to sell in your specific location? The majority of vintage clothing companies out there will specialise in a very distinct period. Why have dead stock land at your place of business? You don’t want this. Thankfully, when you work with us for your vintage clothing wholesale needs, you don’t have to worry about that.

We can be your regular supplier for clothing. In fact, we are the only company you really need to deal with. Our team of staff are regularly sourcing some of the best vintage clothing around. We have contacts in both Europe and America, as well as a few other places around the world, which ensures that we are able to source some of the biggest selection of fashions, with almost every decade represented, with no hassle around. If you want something in particular, we will do our best to source it for you.

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