Fashion Decades

Fashion decades from 1900s to present timeOne of the true joys of diving into the world of vintage clothing is the fact that everything is so different. You will be surprised at just how much the world of fashion has changed over the past century or so. On this page, we are going to take a quick little look at the various fashion styles that you can expect from each era.

  • 1900s to 1910s (including the First World War). Styles in this era really started to come into their own. Much of what was produced, particularly for those people with a lot of money, was made to the person or ‘haute couture’. Sadly, many of the best pieces from this era are pretty hard to find and some of it may not be in the best condition. However, it is safe to say that the style in this decade or two was incredibly distinctive and each piece really helped to showcase the personality of the woman wearing it.
  • 1920s: It was in this decade that movies started to come out and thus they had a small influence on fashion, not quite as much as the 1930s, but still. Clothing from this era was very much focused on showcasing the silhouette of a person. The patterns on clothing, particularly those which boasted long fabric, tended to be very detailed. Evening gowns were very much the norm for a ‘night out’
  • 1930s: Movies started to make fashion a touch more glamorous here. As you can probably expect, much of it was focused around women. Huge evening gowns and beautiful fabrics were pretty much standard. Much of fashion was based around what was popular in France at the time.
  • 1940s: World War 2 happened during the 1940s. This had a bit of an influence of fashion. Pieces were unique due to the dwindling supply of raw materials. That being said, men really liked to look good in a suit. Many of the pieces were constructed from wool at this time. Colours tended to be rather basic due to improvisation. However, people loved to dress up their clothing with a few pieces of jewelry.
  • 1950s: Rock n’ Roll began. I am sure you know what type of fashion style would be popular here. Think leather jackets, floral dresses, cocktail dresses, jeans, cardigans etc. This was a stark contrast from the previous decade. Many of the most popular brands in the world e.g. Chanel and Dior got very popular in the 1950s.
  • 1960s: This decade involved a lot of colour being injected into the clothing. Gorgeous patterns, much of it very psychedelic in nature, adorned many of the items of clothing produced at this time. Mass production of clothing began. Much of what was produced here was made from synthetic materials.
  • 1970s: There was not much of a jump in terms of ‘colour schemes’ from the 1960s to 1970s, but disco fashion was very much in. Long flowing dresses, flared and sparkling jeans. You know the sort of thing.
  • 1980s: This was the decade of the shoulder pads. Skin tight jeans were the norm and there was a lot of spandex. Bright colours were very much worn everywhere. Much of the clothing was influenced by the developing rock scene.
  • 1990s: This was a strange decade for fashion. Mini-skirts, crop tops, jeans, and overalls were seen everywhere. Fashion changed drastically from the start of the 1990s all the way through to the end.
  • 2000s: Much of the style in the 2000s has been based around previous styles. Skinny jeans have made a comeback and much of the fashion seen in the 1990s is still very much popular.

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