What to be Aware of

What you should be aware of when buying vintage clothesObviously, when you purchase vintage clothing you should not expect something incredibly brilliant in terms of quality. You do want something that is reasonably good though. You, basically, want something that is wearable. On this page, we are going to walk you through how you can inspect a garment to ensure that it is the best possible condition before you purchase it.

  • Check that the vintage garment has been put together properly. This means ensure that the structure of the vintage clothing that you select is perfect. In some cases, you may not want to purchase something too old, unless you are using it for re-enactment purposes at least. After all, some people will want to blend into modern day society, which you can with most vintage clothes unless you are moving to antiques.
  • Always inspect clothing for any damage. If there are small holes, or even large holes, around the vintage clothing then there is a good chance that moths and beetles have attacked that garment in the past. This can be damage that is pretty tough to repair. In addition to this, it is likely, if the garment was attacked recently of course, that the insect that ate it a little has left some eggs behind. You, obviously, do not want those to hatch!
  • Check for the fading of colour or pattern. Sure, it is not going to matter too much and it is to be expected with some of the oldest vintage clothing out there, but you do not want something that is too washed out, particularly if you intend to wear the clothing ‘out and about’.
  • If the clothing has embellishments (buttons etc.) then do make sure that they are still in place. Sure, a couple may be missing, but you will want as many as possible to ensure it looks brilliant. It is worth noting that in some cases you will be able to purchase ‘spare’ embellishments. However, these spare accessories will never capture the uniqueness of the original, and if you can’t find a perfect match then you will most likely need to replace everything.
  • Check the clothing for odour. Some odours should be easy to remove. This is fine. However, there are some odours which will be drastically difficult e.g. the smell of pet urine. In addition to this, you should check for any stains. You will want to see whether they can be covered up if you will be unlikely to remove it. If you can’t cover it up, would you still be wearing that garment? If not, do not purchase it!
  • Try on the clothing! Check whether it looks and feels right on you. Sure, you can alter vintage clothing a small amount but you can’t go crazy on it as it simply will not work. At the same time you may want to check how fragile the fabric is. Just to make sure that it will not wear down over time.

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